Tezuka Osamu is often referred to as the “Father of Manga” in Japan. He pioneered long narratives of hundreds, and even thousands of pages of comics, bringing “cinematic” art styles and novelistic plots to the medium. In his lifetime, Tezuka drew close to 170,000 pages of comics, and he created over 1,000 unique characters to populate his stories. Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor Leo, Black Jack, Princess Knight and The Three-eyed One are among his better known titles.

Tezuka Osamu passed away on February 9, 1989 at the age of 60. Japan’s Asahi Newspaper had this to say of Tezuka’s work the day after his passing:

“Foreign visitors to Japan often find it difficult to understand why japanese people like comics so much. One explanation for the popularity of comics in Japan, however, is that Japan had Tezuka Osamu, whereas other nations did not.”

Tezuka Productions is a company created by Osamu Tezuka. His son, Makoto Tezuka has the goal to extend Tezuka's manga series with new issues and publish posthumous works.

Mauricio de Sousa is a Brazilian cartoonist who has created over 200 characters for his popular series of children's comic books.

At 17 years of age, he worked for a daily newspaper as a crime reporter. In 1959 Sousa quit that job and began his comic book career. He created Monica’s Gang. Sousa's characters were inspired by children he knew from his childhood and by his own children. His later style is slightly reminiscent of that Tezuka Osamu, a famous Japanese manga artist and personal friend.

Mauricio's public service work has earned him international recognition. Among the honors he has received are a Brazilian presidential medal of honor for his promotion of human rights; an honorary doctorate in public service from La Roche College of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Brazilian International Press Association.

MSP(Mauricio De Sousa Productions) established in 1963, it is a giant children’s cartoon enterprise and the world’s fourth largest art studio, producing material for publishing, licensing, animation, theme parks and the web site.