Merchandise License is negotiated in terms of (a) Territory, and (b) Product Category. Based on standard licensing industry practice, Merchandise License is a non-exclusive contract. Minimum Guarantee (MG) is negotiated based on application of a Royalty Rate on sales projection.

Promotion License is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Promotion License typically involves premiums, usually in terms of Gift-with-Purchase(GWP)or Self-Liquidating-Offer (SLO).Fees applicable are(a)Promotion License Fee, plus (b) Royalty Rate on cost of premium(s).

Aim to inject excitement at retail level to support merchandise sales, Retail Promotion can take the shapes of Road Shows, Character Meet-&-Greets, and Live Song-&-Dance Stage Shows during festival holiday seasons.
Anything is possible… the sky's the limit!

Store License can be granted to Licensee who is keen to set up an Osamu Tezuka or Astro Boy retail shop. Licensing Fee and Royalty Rate apply. Location of store is a determinant factor. A Store Licensee is granted the rights to source Osamu Tezuka merchandises from all over the world.