The Untold Story of how U900 was formed!

Back in the day, U was completely bowled over by the unique electric guitar stylings of The Ventures, and decided to shoot for being a guitarist himself. But his dreams faced a setback, because guitars are simply too big for his body. Afterwards, while on a trip to Hawaii to search for answers within himself, he learned of the existence of the ukulele, and set his mind on playing that, instead.

Later on, he met 900 while playing an impromptu performance at Inokashira park, who coincidentally spends all his time studying the ukulele as well, and their fates were set. The two hit it off, and the ukulele unit, U900, was formed!

[Usagino U]

Part: Lead Vocals/Ukulele
Personality: Cheerful, likes to show off. Has a blank look on his face, but also has a sensitive side.
Favorite Things: Carrot juice. The latest chart-topping hits (Currently into Beyonce).
Hobbies: Dance/Pranks.

[Kumano 900]

Part: Ukulele/Pianica/Side Vocals…and everything else
Personality: He's silent, and looks out of it, but is actually very methodical. Helpful, and good at being frugal.
Likes: Lemonade with lots of honey. Progressive and fusion rock.
Hobbies: Practicing instruments/Afternoon naps