This is a fantasy of a young Unicorn, known as a mythical animal appearing in Greek myth, by the name of Unico. Unico brings happiness to people he encounters while travelling from one place to another.

Venus, the Goddess of Beauty has a very jealous nature. She gets jealous of Psyche, a human girl who is prettier and more popular than her. Psyche has a young Unicorn by the name of Unico as her pet, and Unico has a mysterious ability which he can demonstrate to help people who come to love him. Knowing Unico is the reason of Psyche's beauty, Venus orders the spirit of West Wind to take Unico away from Psyche and leave him at the end of the world.

The spirit of West Wind, feeling sorry for Unico but not able to disobey the order, takes Unico to various places beyond time instead. A place native American live, a castle in the Middle Ages, the forest in modern Europe, a country governed by fairies, Russian Empire and more - Unico wanders from one place to another, and loses all the memory of the place he visits before moving to the next.