"Message from Tezuka Osamu" was inspired by "Save the Glass Earth", the book compiled from Tezuka's messages left for future generations. Among many of his messages, we focused on those based on four themes: Dreams, Nature, Life and Earth, The themes were translated into English and redesigned with suitable characters so that they can be used easily in merchandises. Those messages were not delivered specially by Tezuka; they were the messages Tezuka always included in his manga works. In the year of his 80th anniversary, we returned to his origin and lauched his brand to convey his permanent messages.

Save the Glass Earth
The Earth is floating alone in space. This mysterious water planet, though fragile as glass, stands against the darkness and overwhelms us with its glorious beauty. If we could see the Earth from space, we would never think of contaminating the environment surrounding us.

Let Children Dream
I believe children are sensitive to sincere messages from adults. I believe they will hang on to every word in awe if the message is compelling enough to stimulate their dreams. Therefore, I will continue to draw Manga with all my heart to convey my messages to them.

Beauty of Nature
As a child, I used to play amongst nature. I was familiar with fish in the creek, sounds of wind sweeping through the woods, flowers blossoming randomly and bugs living everywhere. Now it's hard to find such nature around us, and yet there must be a way to bring back the beauty of motherland. At least I want to enjoy the moon and look up at the blue sky forever.

Preciousness of Life
All forms of life are equally precious and valuable and they help each other to coexist in nature. The earth is the only place where all earthborn creatures including humans can live together. I would like to teach our children this basic fact with all my heart. I also hope adults remember once again how impressive this fact is to us.

Heartful Life, featuring the taste of fantasy depicted in Tezuka's works, was developed with the style of hand-painting, aiming to provide heart-warming designs like illustrations appearing in picture books. This brand consists of multiple characters beyond the bounds of works and designs that make people imagine the scene behind the characters.

MMUD was developed specifically for mobile phones.
Each character is adapted digitally for mobile phones so that it can be viewed even in a small display. Small but lively characters striking in various cute poses are ideal for mobile smart phones today!

Beyond the bounds of Tezuka Osamu's works, multiple Tezuka characters were added to this brand, Yet the original style in each basic brand remains unchanged. TEZUKA OSAMU WORLD focuses on expressing each character in a more lively and emotionally new way!

"Star System"-another characteristic in Tezuka works,is a system which each character is featured in many roles as if he or she was a real actor in a drama group.
"Star System" is a brand aimed to develop such multiple characters in a single package. Another smaller collection was also created under the "Star System" package.
TEZUKA GREAT STARS, a line made up with popular male characters such as Black Jack, Chirico, Hyakkimaru, Parakeet, and Rock, was also prepared.