Mauricio de Sousa created a new cartoon character based on one of the most flamboyant footballers in the world - Ronaldinho, as a child. The cartoon portrayed Ronaldinho's innocence, his outstanding ability with the ball and his dreams of becoming a World Cup champion.

Mauricio de Sousa created RONALDINHO GAUCHO’S TEAM – a bunch of new characters featuring junior Ronaldinho as the leader of the Team,joined by his childhood friends, family and pets, who will go back in time to meet Ronaldinho.

RONALDINHO’S TEAM will appear in animated films, books and comic books, consumer products, games, social and educational campaigns, and all.

We invite you to join Ronaldinho Gaucho and Mauricio de Sousa’s invincible team!

No doubt, this is one team that will score a winning goal!